Bergamot of Ivory Coast

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Get lifted as you bathe. Sophisticated, distinctive, and extracted from the rind of Bergamot fruit, it’s scent is light, spicy and sweet, with a crisp finish. Its name pays homage to the amazingly fragrant Bergamot farms in the Ivory Coast. Bergamot has a calming aroma that turns showers into stress relievers. This bar lathers a lot and is perfect for oily skin with its ability to unblock clogged pores.



Extra virgin olive oil*, water, coconut oil (Cocos nucifera)*, sunflower oil*, sodium hydroxide, (lye), castor oil*, palm oil*^, lemon, lime and bergamot essential oils, cassia powder, ferrous oxide.


Certified organic *
Certified fair trade >
Sustainably harvested ^

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