Hey Family,

Soap-making has become busy work these days -- including days packed with production and late nights. However, the beauty of making handmade products is reflecting on why I started in the first place. There are two amazing reasons actually!

OHENE began as a family crafting project and from a desire to teach my boys the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (S.T.E.A.M). On the surface, soap-making may not appear to be a fun-filled learning experience for youth. But that couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

Not only have we been learning, but I am discovering how intricate and creative and amazing my boys are. Who knew that deciding between lemon zest or lavender buds would turn my boys into leaders? My oldest son is not a huge fan of  math, but our soap-making project turned   family business, has allowed him to take   math head-on by merely being a part of the   soap-making process. Throughout this   journey, he has learned about temperature   measurement and the difference between   acid and alkaline, along with many other   things that make him feel capable, confident   and intelligent.

 It doesn’t take much for us to turn a dull weekend into a fun-filled learning experience. To enjoy similar hands-on learning fun in your own home, checkout our youth program - "Aba". Through Aba, Ohene is dedicated to teaching youth STEAM-based concepts, cultivating problem solving capacity, and expressing their personal brilliance through soap-making activities. To achieve this goal, we donate a portion of our proceeds to soap-making sessions. 
“Aba” means “seed” in the Akan language of Ghana, West Africa. We’re all seeds cultivated by a village, and here at OHENE we recognize our youth as especially precious seeds with the utmost promise to grow into the incredible community leaders and world changers they will be. OHENE Aba cherishes the honor to serve as rich, fertile ground and nurturing cultivators in our youth’s growing process.

OHENE Aba, with OHENE meaning “king”, affirms the truth that our youth are children of the King… royal seeds of great promise. May we enrich their experiences so that we do our part in the process of the promises on their lives coming to prosperous fruition.
Stay tuned for our official launch.🚀 
Team OHENE aba 🌱