Branden Weber and Candace Weber both love OHENE.

“Wow! When my young children refer to soap by name, I know there is more to each bar than a routine washing. Literally, this soap has changed our lives and opened our minds to the importance of knowing what we put on our skin. Each time using the soap becomes an experience than unlocks the mastery that goes into selecting each ingredient.” We are extremely thankful to the Ohene brand for their meticulous attention to detail and artisan craftsmanship. Tidbit – Our 4 year old son had a mild case of eczema and literally after one week, there were no visible signs of skin defects – changes our lives! Wear your skin the way God intended. #Soapness #Supremeclean #Artisan”

Branden & Candace - Frisco, Texas









Marcus Owens and Mariah Owens both love OHENE. “Ohene soap is the best soap we’ve used. We started using it about two years ago and haven’t use anything else for our family since then.  We love that the soap is organic and handmade. We consider ourselves conscious consumers so those things are very important to us. There are so many different scent options to choose from. There is definitely something for everyone! Some of our favorite bars include the lavender and black soap bars, although we like all of them! Thanks Ohene for creating an amazing product that we will use for years to come!” 
Marcus & Mariah - Minneapolis, MN






Dr. Jalan Burton loves OHENE.

“This little sliver is all that is left of my first amazing bar of Ohene’s eucalyptus mint. The smell is refreshing and it is the only all natural bar soap that I have trusted on sensitive skin during my pregnancy. It clears up my third trimester stuffy nose, moisturizes my itchy pregnant belly and leaves our bathroom smelling wonderfully.” 

Jalan - Washington, DC









Sean Goliday loves OHENE

“I’ve never been particular about soaps but ever since I started using Ohene it’s been my mainstay. I find that the fragrance, moisturizing qualities, and lather strike the perfect balance. A truly customer-centered product for sure!”

Sean - Washington, DC












Crystal Goliday loves OHENE“Having sensitive skin, the need for me to choose my skin products wisely is paramount. The intricate “pay-attention-to-details” approach to crafting each bar of Ohene soap gives me great confidence that using this product over time will net the results I’m looking for. I’m glad I’ve incorporated this product as part of my daily skin care regimen.” 
Crystal - Washington, DC






Ryan Walton loves OHENE


"Not to overstate the effect of a bar of soap, but from the first time you unwrap the package and smell its natural fragrance to its all-day moisturizing ability, using OHENE soap is an experience unmatched by other soaps. My favorite is the Citrus Poppyseed.”

Ryan - Houston, TX










"The Ohene line of bar soaps and shave bars have become a favorite in our home!  Our 4 yr old loves how fragrant the bars are and we love that they are moisturizing and made with all natural ingredients, 100% organic.  After use, your skin isn't left feeling dry and scaly which oftentimes happens with some of the name brand soaps.  Ohene has created a product that retains the skin's natural moisture while washing, with no residual dryness.  We love it!"

Allyson - Washington, DC


“At a time when I have been trying to be more mindful, the quality OHENE products have truly helped me to savor my routine shower. From the breathe of the scents to the luxurious lather and skin moisturizing, OHENE has become part of my wellness. Lavender Rosemary is an absolute winner.” 

Anonymous - Atlanta, GA 


“Ohene is the only soap that has helped calm my son’s eczema. After the first bath, he didn’t complain about his skin being dry and he was moisturized and felt like butter.”

Audrey - Cordova, TN


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