Hey Family,

Everyday is a great day to show contrition and repair damages in effort to heal wounds. Juneteenth feels almost like a prerequisite day to demand for reparations.

So to kick off this years celebrations, we kindly ask that you consider civically engaging with your elected officials, before heading out to the ole cookout. 

"Contrition without reparation
would feel empty or incomplete." - Clint Smith


We here at OHENE feel the same way as Clint explains in the caption above. Juneteenth just don't hit the right way without reparations. Therefore, below you'll find a note along with a link to easily find your local, state and federal officials contact information. Most politicians have a social media account and most certainly have an email. You understand the assignment..


"I/We, the undersigned, are calling for swift implementation of a reparations program to address the injustices suffered by Black Americans as a result of slavery, segregation, and systemic racism. As we approach Juneteenth, a holiday that commemorates the end of chattel slavery in the United States, we recognize the need for tangible action to address the centuries of harm inflicted upon Black communities.

Reparations are critical to begin the healing of deep wounds that have been inflicted upon Black Americans, and to address the ongoing disparities that continue to impact our lives. We look to the implementation of Marshall Programs like those for Japanese-Americans who were forcibly interned during World War II - or contrition and reparations for Jewish victims of the Holocaust as a model for how such a program could begin.

We call upon our elected officials to take action to implement a reparations program that is informed by the recommendations of experts and community leaders. This program should include first and foremost financial compensation, access to education and healthcare, religious and cultural sojourns throughout the diaspora, as well as measures to address the ongoing legacy of systemic racism in our country.

Be it wise to hear our call and take swift action to address the injustices of the past and build a more equitable future for all Americans.



{Your Name}"

Use the following hyperlink to find your local politicians. Once you've found your elected official, copy the letter above and send it their social media direct message and email.


Happy Juneteenth Fam!!

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