The Soapbox - Sublime Plan

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If O•HEN•E is truly not just about an amazing bath experience, but it’s also a part of your lifestyle, then our sublime plan is for you.

Much of adulting is just figuring out ways to keep yourself inspired and trying to see beauty in all things (even that dated shirt your significant other always wears).

If our bars of soap are helping you move your life ahead, you don't want to lose that momentum, ever. So our sublime plan is definitely the way to go.

How? Just select the 4 bars of soaps that you want to be delivered and the timing of your choice.

And then - voila - all you do is sit back and wait for your box to arrive. Well -- we doubt you will just sit back when there is life to explore. But now you will always have your source of inspiration nearby :).

But wait there is more! (no, we can't go on a nature walk with you -- we would love to -- but we can't) BUT shipping is FREE - winning when you subscribe.

Get started by selecting your 4 favorite soaps.