The Soapbox - Gold Plan

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If O•HEN•E soaps are the gold standard for your home, then this plan is perfect for you. Here’s why.

This plan can help:

  • Your significant other stop sneaking your soap in the shower.
  • The finger-pointing of screaming siblings to be non-existent because everyone can find their own bar of soap.
  • Your ad hoc crying spells diminish once you realize you’ll never forget to reorder your favorite soap.

How? Just select the 8 soaps that you want to be delivered and the timing of your choice.

And then - voila - all you do is sit back and wait for your box to arrive. It's at this point that you recognize what makes adulting easier -- being planful.

But wait there is more! (no, we can't recommend a good yoga spa) BUT shipping is FREE when you subscribe - winning!

Get started by selecting your 8 favorite soaps.